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The Prepaid Cards Database – Online Education and Research Guide

Our focus is to help you make the right decision when it comes to picking a card for all of your spending needs.

There tends to be a lot of debate about whether a credit card or prepaid card is the best form of "plastic" for your wallet. Here at The Prepaid Cards Database we want to help settle that debate by providing you will all of the information you need regarding these popular cards. We strive to give you the best insight into the advantages and disadvantages of these cards as well as things to be careful of when it comes to owning one of these cards. There are several different types and brands to choose from and by using our reliable and functional database you'll be able to learn more about each one and pick the card that best fits your individual needs.

While the cards offered here are definitely different than a credit card they work in a very similar fashion. Unlike a credit card, these cards are funded by an account that has been preloaded with a determined amount that you choose. This amount can vary depending on your monthly expenses, your income, and how much you choose to budget for spending versus saving purposes. The upside is that by using one of these preloaded cards you will never go over your credit limit and never have to bear the unwanted expense of late fees or high interest rates. You will only spend as much as your account allows.

The cards we feature are very popular among people who have bad credit because of past spending choices or for people who have been rejected by credit card companies for various reasons. Owning a card that is preloaded still allows them to make purchases online, pay for things over the phone, or handle transactions that do accept personal check or cash. They are also a great alternative for tracking the spending of teenagers or giving the gift of cash.

By visiting our website you have already made a step in the right direction when it comes to finding the card that best fits your needs or to just find out general information about how these cards function. Our extensive database is easy to navigate so you can find the exact information you need regarding where, when, and how to use whatever card you choose. We make it simple for you to locate the fees associated with each card, whether they have a rewards program, or how they compare to other cards on the market.

Our frequently updated News & Advice section will provide you with answers to specific card questions or general questions about shopping, credit, or applying for these cards among many other valuable materials. And you can always contact us anytime with comments or questions if you can't seem to find what you're looking for.

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping!

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